The World Needs Icons

Fearless in design. Perfect in craft. The Odyssey's iconic form steals your gaze and seduces you to ride. The Odyssey is the signature Bandit9; a leap into the future of motorcycles.


The Pinnacle of Bespoke Motorcycles

The unibody is made from 904L steel, the seat with memory foam covered in Italian leather, and performance components from aeronautic materials designed for competition. All machined with precision down to  nanometers.

You deserve nothing less than a bespoke piece.



Every line refined. Every surface sculpted. The Odyssey is a work of art.


Power in Exclusivity

The Odyssey is reserved for those who truly understand its design, appreciate its craftsmanship and respect its power. Only 9 will ever be made.


This is Executive Presence

Gravitas. Influence. Confidence. They are never in short supply aboard the Odyssey. Because there is no limit to a bespoke motorcycle.