the pursuit of perfection

Sacrifice is an ingredient of perfection.
— Daryl Villanueva, Founder of Bandit9 Motorcycles

Bringing the Odyssey to its essence was about sacrificing things that we don't need. What's infinitely tougher is sacrificing the things we do need to make room for new ideas.

The Odyssey demanded complete sacrifice from ourselves too. It's taken us 2 years to complete our magnum opus. 2 years of research. 2 years of late nights and weekends obsessing over details no one will ever see. 

Because perfection demands sacrifice. It's worth it.


Designing an icon.

The word "simplicity" has earned a lot of currency in today's world. What people don't understand is the depth behind the simplicity. Icons are understated, understandable, bold, and timeless. Icons are controversial, they create change. They challenge. They inspire.

In pursuit of an iconic design, we had to discard our old methods - no pens, no photoshop, no CAD. Finally, the idea and DNA of the Odyssey came to us in the form of a single brush stroke.



From concept brushwork to clay prototyping, the early design phase of the Odyssey involved a lot of work done by hand. You need that human touch to ensure the bike feels right. Precision machines were then used to perfect the final pieces guaranteeing tight tolerances to ensure quality and the best performance possible. Measurements were made in microns (μm). If you don't know what a micron is, the width of your hair is measured in microns. There is, literally, no room for error. 


- The Design of the Odyssey -

The future up close


One month.
One bike.
One man.
Bolt by bolt.
By hand.

Each bike takes 30 days to craft and is built by 1 engineer from start to finish, assembling the Odyssey bolt by bolt by hand. The engineer places his signature on the engine of every Odyssey once it is complete and ready to meet its owner.


Final inspection

Before the Odyssey is delivered to our customers, they are inspected through what we call block-maintenance. Every weld and every bolt on the frame is scrutinized to make sure the integrity of the frame is not compromised. Anything that twists, bobs or turns is checked and lubricated. Fluid levels are checked and the Odyssey is test run to check all operations are perfectly functioning. The final check: cleanliness. Each bike is meticulously polished. If the Odyssey fails any part of inspection, it's Return to Service.


- A glimpse into the future -



9-Piece Limited Edition


$59,000 USD
including door-to-door shipping